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VIDEO: Adult store owner wants to open sex shop at San Francisco airport

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - The owner of an Oakland adult store says she wants to open a sex shop at San Francisco airport, but her businesses don't meet the airport's requirements.

She's now hoping to convince the airport commission to change its standards.

Nenna Joiner is the owner of Feelmore Adult gallery along Telegraph Avenue in Oakland.

She has had the store here for the past eight years. Recently, she learned of a program at SFO that gives small businesses a chance to open a shop in the terminals.

She saw it as a good opportunity to expand.

“At 55 million departures annually at SFO, it's a no-brainer to try to figure out how to get into a space that has high traffic,” Joiner said.

But as Nenna worked her way through the application process, she discovered that the airport requires applicants to show a minimum of $250,000 in annual revenue.

Feelmore doesn't meet reach that level, meaning that Nenna's application was going nowhere.

She requested that the minimum amount is lowered to $150,000, but the airport responded, saying that they would not change the policy.

“It was very frustrating," Joiner said. "Not only at SFO, but at the commission as well.”

The other question is whether or not a store that sells adult merchandise would be appropriate at the airport.

On Wednesday afternoon, KRON4 spoke to several travelers who were skeptical.

“I usually travel with my kids, and I would not want to have to explain that to my little boys why they can't go in there and buy a toy,” one traveler said.

Nenna says she feels confident that her store would meet the airport's standards.

“There was no concern about the business model," Joiner said. "It was on a 100-percent point scale. They were going to go by sections looking at management--'Could you meet customer service? Looking at your products, we feel we would have scored high.'”

Her main concern is that her business and other very small businesses are not being given a fair chance to try their luck at SFO.

She wants the airport commission to change the application procedures.

“Look at a tiered approach where mom and pop stores where we can actually get an opportunity to get into these spaces and do businesses,” Joiner said.

SFO is set to award contracts later this month, but so far, there's no indication that they will change their standards for qualification.



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