VACAVILLE, Calif. (KRON) — The Vacaville Police Department dealt with some “fowl play” on Sunday morning, but not the kind they are accustomed to. Officers learned of an “aggressive turkey,” which was later caught on video going after a VVPD car.

A citizen notified a VVPD officer of what has now been dubbed the “Vacavilloceraptor” near the county airport. Video shared by police shows the turkey running after a police car and pecking at it. The Solano County Sheriff’s Office was also notified of the bird.

Police shared tips of what to do when confronted by an aggressive turkey. “If your vehicle is attacked by an aggressive turkey, stay in your vehicle, they haven’t figured out door handles yet. Also, consider safely driving away, they can only run up to 25mph,” VVPD said on Facebook.

Turkeys inhabit many places across the Bay Area. According to BART, they can be found anywhere from Concord, to San Jose, to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.