SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A group of swimmers swimming from San Francisco to Alcatraz Saturday had a close call with a massive cargo ship that unexpectedly cut off their path. The United States Coast Guard is currently investigating the incident.

Video of the incident (watch in the player above) shows the massive cargo vessel cruising directly through the area where the swimmers were.

“We got to have Coast Guard, or somebody check back there by the boat because there might have been swimmers that might have been swept into it,” an unidentified voice can be heard saying in the video.

No one was injured and no Coast Guard vessels were deployed to the incident at the time it occurred.

The course the swimmers were on had been cleared by the Coast Guard, according to Odyssey Open Water Swimming, the group that organized the swim. The swim had been granted a permit approximately a year in advance, the group said.

“We are currently awaiting a response on the incident and are thankful for the assistance of the USCG,” said Warran Wallace of Odyssey Open Water Swimming.

All the swimmers in the water at the time of the incident finished the swim. Once they reached the shore, all of the swimmers were checked by staff.

“Our support team, paddlers, and swimmers acted very quickly to react to the unexpected breach to the course,” Wallace said.

“Large commercial vessels merging into our planned path is not a normal occurrence,” he added, “and we are anxiously awaiting information on why this occurred.”