A Berkeley bookstore has been the target of an alt-right group for the last several months, and now, store owners are saying the threats are getting violent.

The threats include one member saying they will burn down the store.

Employees from Revolution Books tell KRON4 the store’s goal is to share the truth about what’s happening in the world.

This particular group started targeting the store after Milo Yiannopolis was set to speak at UC Berkeley last year.

And as we know, that turned into a riot.

“We’re gonna burn down your bookstore, just so you know that,” one demonstrator from the alt-right group said.

On Saturday, employees at Revolution Bookstore were met by an angry group of protestors.

“They call themselves Western Chauvinists, and they’re all Trump supporters,” bookstore employee Reiko Redmonde said. “This is an outrageous threat. We’re not going to stand for it. We’re not going to be intimidated or deterred.”

Employees say this is the 10th time these extremists have gotten aggressive in front of their store. but this was the first time there was a threat of violence.

“These are threats you have to take seriously,” employee Rafael Kadaris said. “These people are targeting immigrants. They’re targeting Muslims. They’re targeting anyone that disagrees with Trump.”

“They’re about making America great again, which is about making America white again,” Redmonde said.

In the past, the alt-right group showed up with dozens of supporters.

“These pro-Trump fascist thugs have repeatedly targeted Revolution Books over the last series of months. and they’re targeting this store because we are the political and intellectual center for an actual revolution, and these people are supporters of a white supremacist president,” Kadaris said. “And we stand for everything they’re against.”

The all-volunteer bookstore takes pride in what they stand for.

Employees tell KRON4 police were called on Saturday but no arrests were made.

Store employees are now rallying the community together to stand up for what they consider another form of hate.