NEW YORK (KRON) — A man who San Francisco police say climbed the Salesforce Tower in an anti-abortion protest was taken into custody Tuesday on misdemeanor charges of trespassing, KRON4 reported earlier this week. He was later released that day.

Two days later, video appears to show the man who calls himself “pro-life Spider-Man” was at it again. The man identified as Maison Des Champs was seen climbing The New York Times building in Manhattan, according to his Instagram page and a report by the New York Post.

His Instagram post reads “@nytimes good morning….” and a hashtag associated with anti-abortion.

On Tuesday, Des Champs climbed the Salesforce Tower, which stands at 1,070 feet and is the second-tallest building west of the Mississippi River. San Francisco authorities had to warn residents to avoid the area as the man was climbing the 60-floor building.

In addition to being anti-abortion, Des Champs is is known to be against other issues. He claims he climbed the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas in protest of COVID-19 mandates.

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