(KRON) — Community members in San Rafael have been seeing a very busy black bear nearby this week. A new video obtained by KRON4 is shedding light on the bear’s journey through the area on Tuesday.

A young black bear was caught on home-surveillance video in the Terra Linda area of San Rafael on Tuesday morning. The bear was seen making its way across the front yard of a home in the area, and around the side of the house to the garbage cans.

After hearing about the bear, Loree Ades thought it might be a good idea to check her cameras just in case, since she lives a few miles away in the Lucas Valley area of San Rafael. She was stunned to see that what appeared to be the same bear wandering through her backyard around midnight on Tuesday. KRON4 has reached out to experts to help determine if the black bear is one in the same.

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“If this is the same bear, it ventured from my backyard down to the Terra Linda location,” Ades told KRON4. “It was thrilling to learn of a bear in Terra Linda two miles away, but to see one in my backyard gave me heart palpitations.”

This week, an expert told KRON4 that black bear encounters in San Rafael are rare and urged residents not to panic. After reviewing the video from Terra Linda, experts determined that the bear was most likely a juvenile male searching for food. Residents nearby are recommended to remove food sources such as garbage cans, fallen fruit and bird feeders to encourage the bear to make his way out of the area.