SAN FRANCSICO (KRON) — A fight broke out at a high school basketball game at Riordan High School in San Francisco sending one student to the hospital Thursday night, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Video of the fight shows two players start fighting mid-game, several team members from both sides running onto the court to join in and referees and adults from the stands attempting to break it up. The game was reportedly a playoff game between Riordan High and Inderkum High School in Sacramento.

The video shows one person being escorted off the court by several people.

Shouting continues as one player is being helped up off the ground.

According to the Chronicle’s reporting, Riordan senior Achilles Woodson is the player knocked to the ground who lay motionless for several moments in the video. Woodson regained consciousness but was transported to the hospital as a precaution, according to the Chronicle.

The game was halted with Riordan up 61-52, the Chronicle reported. Riordan won and will advance to the next round of the playoffs unless CIF determines that sanctions or suspensions for “unsportsmanlike conduct” are merited, the Chronicle said.

Riordan’s next game on Saturday is against Granada High School in Livermore and will be hosted by Granada at 7 p.m. According to reporting in the East Bay Times, CIF could have disqualified Riordan entirely from the playoffs, but will instead allow the team to continue playing with some players suspended. CIF is still working to determine which players will be suspended, reportedly.