MILPITAS, Calif. (KRON) – A South Bay couple were victims of a racist rant in a Walmart parking lot. The couple said they stepped in after seeing a man start to yell at a woman who was alone in her car, and then block her in.

They say the man began yelling racial slurs, telling them to go back to Mexico. You can watch part of the incident using the video player above. 

Lauren Amado is the one shooting this video. She and her boyfriend, Sebastian, said they saw the man in the video park behind a nearby woman’s car, preventing her from leaving. He then got out of the vehicle and then began knocking on her windows. That’s when the couple got out of their car and stepped in to help.

“This is a woman. She’s alone, so I wanted to help. I went out of my car, he saw me and I asked if there was a problem,” Amado said.   

Amado said that’s when he began yelling at her and her boyfriend. He called Sebastian a derogatory slur and told the couple, who are from Colombia, to go back to Mexico. She said the man even threatened them with a knife.

“I called the cops,” Amado said. “He left before the cops got there and then the cops didn’t do anything. They Just asked me for the license plate and we don’t know what happened with this guy.”

Amado said she’s disappointed by the continued racism and hate across the country.

“It’s painful because we leave our countries to have better opportunities, you know? And we’re not doing anything wrong here. We’re Just doing the best we can, trying to be good people. We tried to help this woman.”