SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KRON) – A video caught on a Ring doorbell shows a boy getting punched in his South Bay neighborhood, even despite offering his attacker money to make him stop.

The Ring video included above shows a 12-year-old boy getting punched by another boy Saturday night. His sister Nina Comilang explained to KRON4 what happened.

She says her brother was out on a walk with their family dog when two neighborhood boys saw him. She told KRON4, “I saw him on his bike, and I ran hid behind the bushes, and I heard one of them say let’s get his a–”

The boys then followed her brother home. In the video, you can hear Comilang’s brother offering $50 but still getting punched. 

Comilang says, “he can barely open his jaw and his cheeks are bruised.” She says her family is pressing charges and her brother is now scared to leave the house or go to school.

Officials with Buchser Middle School released a statement saying in part, “while this assault between students happened outside of school, we appreciate that it was brought to our attention so that we could ensure that bullying or aggressive behaviors do not carry over into the school.”

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Comilang says the suspects who attacked her brother have been expelled from their school. Comilang also has a message to parents, “teach your kids to be kind!”