Santa Rosa police are hailing a man who rescued a toddler found wandering the streets during a rainstorm in Santa Rosa Wednesday night. 

Police say Del Hedrick, who was driving for Lyft in the area, noticed the toddler by herself, walking barefoot and without proper clothing for the storm near the side of the road. 

Authorities say Del searched the nearby apartment complex for any doors that were left open that could possibly explain how the toddler got out, but was not able to locate the child’s guardian. 

In the meantime, Hedrick kept the little girl warm and safe inside his car until officers arrived. 

Responding officers were able to reunite the girl with her family.

“Del Hedrick’s actions demonstrate how we all work together to keep our community safe. His initiative to shelter the toddler and help reunite her with her family is both heartening and inspiring. On behalf of the Santa Rosa Police Department and our community, thank you for helping a member of our community in-need. It is because of people like you that our community is #SantaRosaStrong,” the police department wrote on Facebook. 

No other details were immediately provided.