The terrifying moment a hit-and-run driver sent a 7-year-old Santa Rosa girl flying into the air was caught on camera. 

The victim’s mother, Candice Conzet, said her daughter Hazel was running around and playing like most kids her age. 

Hazel was crossing the area near Campoy Street and Louis Krohn Drohn near her house when the collision happened. 

KRON4 obtained video of the incident and surprisingly the young girl walked away with minor injuries.

Hazel described what happened saying, “I ran and then ‘Bam bam bam.'”

Video shows her jumping up and running after being hit. 

Conzet said it’s amazing her little girl only suffered a couple of bruises.

“She’s okay,” she said. “Thank God that’s what I’m most thankful for because it could’ve been so much worse.”

The driver in the video stopped for a brief moment after hitting the girl and then fled the scene. 

Santa Rosa police say they’re looking for a dark colored sedan.