Video Courtesy of Citizen App

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The Bay Bridge experienced its first illegal sideshow of 2021. 

It was paired with an illegal fireworks display overhead that was captured on video. 

“I was enjoying a nice dinner at Epic Steak when that happened. Traffic is getting back up pretty quick,” Eion O’Sullivan said. 

It happened Thursday around 9:30 p.m. — Eion O’ Sullivan says it was an unexpected site from the dinner table and captured it on his cellphone.

“I just seen the fireworks go off from the center of the Bay Bridge in between Treasure Island and the city. Then just saw the police coming from the city from the bottom deck of the Bay Bridge,” O’Sullivan said. 

San Francisco CHP Officer Mark Andrews picks it up from there.

“Our units responded but before they arrived at the scene the sideshow had already disbanded,” Officer Mark Andrews said. 

Illegal fireworks displays during sideshows appear to be happening more frequently. 

As you can see in this recent citizen video recorded in Oakland, this is not the first time a sideshow on the Bay Bridge was captured on video. 

However, CHP Officer Mark Andrews says it is the first time fireworks were involved on the bridge and says it increases the danger connected to reckless exhibition driving.

“Well on the bridge itself there are no freeway shoulders. Obviously, if something happens, anything that creates an immediate hazard and requires any kind of medical attention if all lanes are blocked it slows down any immediate response for emergency personnel. So we prohibit and don’t want anyone to engage in those sort of activities on the bridge,” Andrews said.