OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A San Francisco man said he had his car broken into while he was sitting inside of it in Oakland. Oakland police are investigating this case and said they were surprised to hear it.

Tyson Wrensch was parked in a parking lot on 98th Avenue between Airport Access Road and Empire Road, killing time before picking up a friend at the airport.

In a security camera video, someone gets out of a light-colored SUV, looks inside his car, drives away, but then backs up. “They decide to come back, crawl down below the back of the car, reach up above the license plate and hit the button that pops up the trunk,” said Wrensch.

The person grabbed something out of the trunk, jumped back in the SUV and drove away. Wrensch heard the trunk open and assumed he had accidentally hit the button. “I hear the door go up, so I undo my seatbelt and get out. There was no one around, so I thought, ‘That’s weird,’ then saw my bag was gone,” said Wrensch.

Inside the bag was his laptop, medication, clothing and passport. On Monday afternoon, he went back to the location for a meeting and was targeted for a second time.

“They came back and smashed my back window to try and steal something. Thankfully, there was nothing inside the car this time because I got smart,” said Wrensch.

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He filed a report with the Oakland Police Department and showed them the video of the first incident. “The police officers that all looked at it, they were shocked. Their jaws were dropped. They said, ‘We’ve seen a lot, but I never seen somebody break into a car while the person was in the car,’” said Wrensch.

He said he spoke to some business owners in the area and one owner told him some days, they have 8-10 car break-ins. Wrensch wants people to stay extra vigilant, especially when sitting in their own cars.