SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A San Francisco couple is speaking out after the man seen in this video followed and harassed them down Market Street on Sunday.

They say the man continued on an anti-Asian tirade for several minutes before eventually walking away after they called the police.

The couple says they were just walking down the street, minding their own business when the man targeted them and began yelling these awful things.

Now they’re speaking out because they hope to raise awareness of the continued anti-Asian hate, even right here in San Francisco.

Multiple bystanders caught this man on cell phone video while he was following and harassing a couple on Sunday.

“His comments were pretty low. He was very racially motivated so he said that Asians don’t belong in this country. He served in the Navy and events like Pearl Harbor are reasons why Asians are not welcome,” Albert Hsieh said.

Albert Hsieh and his boyfriend Justin Erfort say they were just walking down Market Street when the man began an anti-Asian rant.

He’s heard making physical threats and even making comments about their mothers.

“Being a San Francisco native it’s disappointing. I’m angry. I’ve been here for over three decades and I love this city a lot but I didn’t expect that. I know that San Francisco is better than that. The attacker honestly, we just didn’t expect it. We were just minding our own business,” Hsieh said.

Hsieh and Erfort say they’re concerned about the continued anti-Asian hate and attacks and want to raise awareness for others to stay vigilant. 

“The city needs to be doing more to address the systemic problem that is the root cause of all of this and I’m not seeing that,” Erfort said.

“I think it’s less about us coming forth and more just to share as an example to you know it can happen to everybody,” Hsieh said.

Thankfully the couple wasn’t physically harmed. 

They were able to eventually get away from the man by walking into a local hotel to diffuse the situation.