SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A video originally posted on TikTok that appears to show someone on BART blasting a car full of passengers with a fire extinguisher is being investigated by BART Police. The BART Police Department and its Criminal Investigations Division is aware of the video and is working to recover station and train video of the purported incident, a BART spokesperson confirmed to KRON4.

In the video, the person holding the fire extinguisher can be heard swearing and making threatening remarks to another passenger before blasting other passengers with fire extinguisher discharge while backing his way out of the car.

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Officers with BART Police responded to a BARTWatch app report at 7:09 p.m. on Dec. 24 regarding the discharge of a fire extinguisher aboard a train at Coliseum Station, BART confirmed. Officers held a train at Lake Merritt Station but no suspect was found. They did not find any witnesses or fire extinguisher residue either.

BART police are still actively investigating the initial report, however “there are some questions as to the veracity of the social media post,” a BART spokesperson told KRON4. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the BART Police Criminal Investigations Division at (510) 464-7040.

While poison control experts say that fire extinguisher discharge is generally safe, it can pose a risk for mild respiratory, skin or eye irritation. When used in areas with poor air flow — like a BART car — or with intent to harm someone, it can potentially produce serious toxicity and would require medical evaluation.