(KTXL) — Body camera footage shows the moments leading up to when a Solano County Sheriff’s Deputy shot a man who was allegedly trying to run away from the scene of an armed robbery.

Please note: this video is graphic and may be disturbing to viewers

A K9 deputy first reported to the scene after hearing reports over the Fairfield Police radio of a man with a gun at a motel on Central Place. Video from the Nov. 27 incident shows the deputy searching the area and then talking to the victim, who says he was the one who called the police. 

The deputy enters his patrol vehicle to begin searching the area again, but he soon stops, opens his car door and begins to shout commands, appearing to have spotted the suspect. 

“Get on the ground, you’re going to get bit,” the deputy says, as the suspect continues to run away. The K9 is released, and both the dog and the deputy begin to chase after the suspect, as he shouts commands. 

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As they run through the drive-thru of a Mcdonald’s, the K9 passes the deputy, who has taken out his gun, and takes a right turn going behind the fast-food restaurant. Several loud noises, which appear to be gunshots, can be heard moments later as the deputy begins to come into view of the suspect and the K9.

Video then shows the deputy shooting multiple times at the suspect who is on the ground, with the K9 near him. Other officers soon arrive, apprehend him and then give him first aid. Medical personnel later came to the scene and pronounced him dead.

The sheriff’s office identified the suspect as 41-year-old Robert Duncan Jr. of Vallejo. The deputy was the only one who shot at the man; an investigation by the district attorney’s office is still ongoing.