SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The owner of a restaurant in San Francisco is hoping police can help find a couple of burglars caught on camera. “Noosh,” located in the city’s Pacific Heights neighborhood, was recently hit.

In the early morning hours of Nov. 2, a pair of burglars broke into the restaurant. The hooded thieves popped open the back door and start grabbing whatever they wanted.

“I think anybody having a break-in and having things stolen from you and a violation of your space is not a pleasurable experience,” said owner John Litz. 

Litz says the damage and the stolen items cost thousands of dollars to replace. Among the things the burglars targeted were handheld terminals and more than a dozen expensive bottles of liquor, which can be heard rattling in surveillance video as they’re being loaded up into a bag.

“They went for the good stuff,” Litz said. “Personally, it’s a sad state of affairs that people have to stoop to that level. You must be pretty desperate to run the risk of breaking in.”

A miscommunication with the security system kept an alert from going out. Litz believes this was not the burglars’ first job. He says they appeared to be organized and even had a getaway car.

They also made several trips over the course of about three hours, also using e-scooters and a rental bike to make off with stolen items. Morale among staff at Noosh has taken a blow, but they’re working to stay optimistic about the future.

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“Fortunately nobody got hurt. We just got to keep on keeping on. Just gotta keep doing it. There’s no other alternative,” Litz said.

Litz says other restaurants in the area were spared that night, but break-ins are something the neighborhood is aware of. He says if anyone sees anything happening like this to not be hesitant to call police. A report was filed with SFPD.