DANVILLE, Calif. (KRON) – The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office released surveillance video of two men fighting over a Costco parking spot in Danville.

Prosecutors released the video just one day after they decided against filing any charges in connection to the parking lot fight. The District Attorney’s Office said its investigation determined that both men were aggressors. (Watch the Costco surveillance video above).

One of the men involved in the fight, Craig Blackburn, told KRON4 that he wanted the second man to be criminally prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

Blackburn said he was attacked because the man thought Blackburn was taking too long to unload his Costco shopping bags while eating a hot dog.

Craig Blackburn suffered facial injuries and a possible concussion. (KRON4 image)

It all started as a normal Sunday morning for Blackburn. He did his shopping at Costco on Fostoria Way, and grabbed a hot dog on the way out.

A man driving a white Toyota Corolla pulled up and waited for Blackburn’s parking spot. The Toyota driver quickly became impatient and hurled insults, according to Blackburn.

Then the man went “ballistic,” Blackburn said, and a physical fight broke out. “I was on the ground and he was just wailing on my head. My face was covered with blood. I didn’t even know it. I looked at the mirror in my car and it was covered with blood,” he told KRON4.

Blackburn still had visible facial injuries when he was interviewed by KRON4 earlier this week.

A Town of Danville spokesperson said, “The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case involving the battery between two men that took place in the Danville Costco parking lot on May 7, 2023 at 11:23 am.  After reviewing the case and the evidence provided as a result of an investigation by the Danville Police Department, the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges.”