RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) – A Richmond business owner says he is still shaken up after he was attacked and robbed outside his shop on Friday. It happened in the middle of the day when his employees and customers were around.

The incident is captured on surveillance. Three men pulled into the parking lot in a white car. They backed up to the open garage, and then two men jumped out pointing what looks like guns into the business. You can hear one employee scream in fear as one of the men approaches her.

“You over here just working, trying to make your money, trying to have your life and somebody just comes in and robs you? It’s not safe,” said owner Marcelo Junior. 

Junior says he was in a side room when he heard all the commotion and ran outside.

“They grabbed me and then I fell on the ground. They were looking for my chain. They were like ‘Where’s the chain? Where’s the chain?’ But I didn’t have any chain on me,” he said. 

The video shows the men standing over Junior. They took his wallet and a bracelet off his wrist, but what he found most unsettling is what they said to him.

“He said he was going to kill me for some reason when I was on the ground,” Junior remembers. 

Junior says the bracelet was worth $3,000, and he had hundreds of dollars in his wallet, as well as credit cards.

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“They tried to use it. They tried to buy something at Bloomingdales in San Francisco,” Junior said. 

He has canceled the credit cards but doesn’t expect to get the cash back. Richmond police are investigating. 

Junior says officers may know at least one of the men involved. He believes it may have been an ex-employee who knew about the chain. He is going to look at photos of potential suspects on Tuesday.