SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A delivery driver says he deals with aggressive drivers every day on the job but never dealt with a situation like this one. He says he is thankful that he caught it on camera to help police. He also suggests all drivers be vigilant.

Terrifying road rage in San Jose. A man armed with a machete is caught on video attacking the car of DoorDash driver Jerry Gonzales.

“You just have to keep a calm cool head. You can’t overreact; you can’t act in a violent way,” Gonzales says.

Gonzales says this happened Monday night on Tradewinds Drive. He had just pulled out from an apartment complex when another driver — flashing their high beams — sped up behind him.

Gonzales says he tapped on his brakes and that set the other driver off.

“I just wanted to let him know. Hey, you’re going a little fast. I just wanted you to slow down a little bit. For the safety of you of me and the pedestrians out here.

The video then shows the driver dangerously going into the other lanes to pass Gonzales.
Once he’s in front of him, the driver stops and jumps out of his BMW.

“Looking for something?”

That “something” was a machete, and he smashes the passenger side window with it before Gonzales drives away.

But the ordeal was not over yet. In an effort to help police, Gonzales decided to follow the driver of the BMW while on the phone with 911.

The attacker was followed to an apartment complex where he’s then seen jumping out and chasing Gonzales’ car with a large machete.

Gonzales eventually backs off and gets away unharmed.

His work car, however, has seen better days.

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Gonzales says his advice to other drivers is to not give in to others’ aggressive behavior on the road.

The license plate of the attacker was clearly visible on Gonzales’ dash cam video. He hopes police will use this to quickly find the man who did this.