SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Three years ago a mentally-ill inmate was severely injured while being transported to Santa Clara County’s main jail, newly released video last week recount what happened.

The footage shows how Andrew Hogan repeatedly beat his head while inside a transfer van resulting in severe head injuries.

This comes after county supervisors demanded that the sheriff’s office release footage around Hogan’s incident to the public and have since called for an investigation into Sheriff Laurie Smith’s jail oversight.

The incident took place on Aug. 25, 2018 after Hogan, who has a mental illness, asked correctional officers at the Elmwood facility to see a nurse after expressing he did not feel well.

Screenshot of one of the 36 videos released by Santa Clara County involving the jail transport incident of Andrew Hogan in 2018.

Hogan then grows agitated and once inside the sheriff’s van continues to hit his head numerous times causing his head to bleed.

Once at the jail, Hogan is kept inside the van where the footage shows officers closing the van doors on Hogan.

Hogan now suffers from severe brain damage -and has cost the county $10 million to settle the case.

There are a total of 36 videos that were released — to view them, click or tap here.