SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Large crowds and dozens of cars took over the intersection at Main Street and Harrison Street in San Francisco early Sunday morning during an illegal sideshow where at least one person was injured.

“Saw a bunch of cars doing donuts on the street, crowd of at least 50 people in a ring around the parameter taking up the entire intersection, and then you had cars on all four sides just blocking in traffic so nobody could really get in or get out,” said witness Mrinali Goyal.

Goyal was visiting her brother Karan in San Francisco when they witnessed a terrifying moment during the sideshow just after midnight.

“Someone gets hit, falls over and then you see this car come back, runs over his foot, he loses his shoe, his phone breaks. This kid is limping back and it’s just scary,” she said.

Despite recent efforts to crack down on sideshows, the Goyals say the police seemed helpless during this chaotic scene.

“In that video you see like 10 police cars just there but they’re not really doing anything, and even after they sort of chase them, I guess,” Karan said. “But it didn’t really seem like they had the intent to go after them.” 

San Francisco police say this remains an active investigation but no arrests have been made. 

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Meanwhile, Karan says he recently witnessed another sideshow right outside of his Rincon Hill apartment building just three weeks ago. The pair have ongoing concerns about the safety of those watching and participating, and they say these situations need to be taken seriously by city leaders.

“It emboldens them to do something like this because there’s no consequences,” Mrinali said. “They’re doing it with impunity.”