SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Video shared with KRON4 shows a person riding on the outside of a Valley Transportation Authority light rail. The video, which you can watch above, shows the person clinging on as the train hurtles down the track at what a witness says was nearly 70 MPH.

“VTA is investigating what appears to be someone engaging in an extremely dangerous and irresponsible act on a light rail vehicle,” VTA said in a tweet. “We urge anyone who sees this type of behavior to call 911. Riding on the outside of any VTA vehicle is against the law and can be fatal.”

The scene was visible from Highway 85. KRON4 viewer Jessica Gomez used her cellphone to film the video that can be seen above.

“I was just hoping he would be safe,” Gomez said. “With that speed that the train was going, like 70, maybe 75, it was going really, really fast. And he was just holding on with just one arm, and the other arm was loose-y, just wandering around. So I was just hoping he’d be safe on the train.”

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Gomez said she saw the man riding the train for what she believes was one or two miles. It remains unknown who the person is, why they did this and what has happened to them since. KRON4 has reached out to VTA but has not heard back.