RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — A substitute teacher at Richmond High School has been fired after a video showed him tackling a student to the ground in an altercation Monday, the West Contra Costa Unified School District confirmed. KRON4 obtained the video, which can be seen above.

The video shows the substitute teacher and student in some kind of argument. The teacher can be heard saying, “Say it again then. Say it again.” He also challenges the student to “swing.”

He then grabs the student by his clothing and throws him to the ground, eliciting gasps from the class. The video shows the student standing back up before the substitute pushes him out of the classroom, yelling, “Get the (expletive) out my class.” KRON4 edited the end of the video due to explicit language.

The video has been shown to the Richmond Police Department, and police are looking into it.

The student is safe with his family, the school district said. The substitute teacher was not identified.

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When asked for comment, WCCUSD released the following statement:

The West Contra Costa Unified School District is aware of an incident between a student and a substitute teacher that occurred at Richmond High School today. The student is safe with their family, and our school and district are fully investigating the incident. The district has taken swift action, and the staff member has been released from employment with WCCUSD.

It is our priority to ensure that staff and students are always able to interact in a safe and respectful manner.  Mental health resources are available to any RHS student who needs to speak to someone for support, and we will be facilitating restorative actions in the classroom where this incident occurred.