SAN JOSE, Calif, (KRON) – A street vendor was beaten up outside the SAP Center in San Jose, reportedly over a hot dog. The fight was captured on cellphone video and shared on social media.

The street vendor was brutally kicked in the face. Multiple witnesses say the assault came after a disagreement over a hot dog. 

“The guy not wanting to pay for hot dogs, or the speed of service, the man being too slow,” said Kim Lara, who witnessed the incident and shot the video. 

Lara says the fight happened Thursday night after leaving a Mexican singer’s concert at the SAP Center. Lara says growing up in the Hispanic community, she was taught to look out for street vendors.

“Someone within your own community, and knows the trouble our street vendors go through… decides to lure themselves and be the reason of this, it’s very heartbreaking – a loss of words,” she said.

Lara says the vendor eventually got back up and started selling hot dogs again. The vendor was attacked again and then taken to the hospital.

“If I wouldn’t have recorded this, would have been swept under the rug and the man would have gone home with bruises all over his face,” Lara said.

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San Jose police confirmed to KRON4 that the vendor was physically assaulted. At this time, they say they do not have any information about the suspect.