ANTIOCH, Calif. (KRON) — Cell phone video shows a fight inside a sixth grade classroom at Park Middle School in Antioch on Monday.

A parent at the school says it happened while a classroom full of students were left unattended. A sixth grader’s mother says this isn’t the first fight either.

She says it’s a regular occurrence and just like many other parents, she’s worried that the school isn’t doing enough to stop these fights from happening.

“The fact that there was no teacher there, that was the whole problem with all of this, that’s the most unacceptable thing about this,” the parent said.

A concerned parent who didn’t want to share their identity out of fear of retaliation against their child says the teacher of that classroom didn’t show up for school Monday morning and no substitute was provided.

“See this all the time coming from her school but this time there was no one there to break up the fight, there was no adult supervision, no staff member running across a courtyard that had seen it from a distance. I mean sometimes it happens at lunch but you know someone somewhere will break it up but there nothing, nothing being done at all,” she said.

She says this behavior shouldn’t be tolerated at the school, yet it happens repeatedly and oftentimes, it’s the same students allegedly starting the fights.

The parent says she’s now worried about what is and isn’t being taught at the middle school.

“My concerns are that my child is not getting an education, not an academic education, maybe an education in how to fight,” the parent added.

The Antioch Unified Superintendent’s office told KRON4 Wednesday that it is investigating the incident and looking into the allegation that there was no adult in the room.