BELMONT, Calif. (KRON) — Video surveillance has been released of an incident that occurred last weekend at a bar in San Mateo County.

A woman and her friend entered St. James Gate bar and restaurant in Belmont on June 19. The woman apparently was not social distancing and bumping into people inside the bar.

The bartender asked the woman to put on her mask, but the woman got upset and allegedly coughed in his face.

Security and the owner of the bar kicked the woman and her friend out. As the woman was being escorted out, she flipped people off and knocked over chairs.

All this happening just 24 hours after the bar reopened for indoor dining after being shut down for three months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The bartender who was coughed on is believed to be doing OK, and is set to be tested for COVID-19.

Belmont police talked with workers at the restaurant on Sunday to decide on the next steps in this investigation.

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