SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A woman was sent to the hospital this week, after she was attacked in San Francisco’s Castro district. Whitney Peterson was walking into her friend’s business on Market Street Tuesday when a man followed her into the building and ripped her purse from her arm.

She spoke out about the altercation. SF resident, Whitney Peterson isn’t afraid of much. The former ballet dancer and now yoga Instructor has plenty of upper body strength, as is clear by the tackle she made against her mugger.

“I was just focusing on getting inside,” she said.

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon when Peterson walked into a Market Street building for an appointment in San Francisco, not noticing the man who followed behind her to steal her Louis Vuitton purse.

“He just basically grabbed my waist and then he just took his other hand and he grabbed the purse,” Peterson said.

Security cameras show the thief running out the door, but Peterson wasn’t going down without a fight.

“I just ran after him and I didn’t think about how that was possibly dangerous,” she said. “I didn’t think about it and I know that might have been not the greatest, but I tackled him.”

Peterson says she almost got her purse back, but a getaway car was waiting for her attacker. During the tackle, she ended up hitting her head on the sidewalk—resulting in a hospital visit the next day.

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“I have a big bump there and I have a concussion and then I did a CT scan yesterday and they said that they want me to now do an MRI,” she said.

She says she filed a police report on the attack in the Castro, but that her purse, which was a birthday present, has yet to be recovered.”

Peterson lived in San Francisco for 10 years, before moving to Tahoe in 2018. The increase in crime in the city was a big influence on her move.

“These people come there on purpose to steal, so they’re on a mission and of course I just happened to be one of the people they picked,” she said.

KRON4 reached out to the San Francisco Police Department about the attack in the Castro. They say they are aware of the incident and have contacted Peterson to further investigate.