SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A woman spit at an employee inside a San Jose restaurant reportedly after being asked to wear a mask, a TikTok video shows.

In the video, the woman is standing in front of a plastic barrier at the cash register and leans in to spit before walking out of the door of Umai Savory Hot Dogs’ San Jose location.

The caption to the video on TikTok said “just because the staff politely asked her to put on her mask.”

Employees who work at San Jose’s Umai Savory Hot Dogs say about 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, a woman came in to order garlic fries and was not wearing a mask. 

Employee Kristine Nguyen says when she told the woman she had to put on a mask, the woman responded, “I don’t need to wear a mask inside the store it’s my right.”

When Nguyen pointed to the sign saying masks are required inside the business, Nguyen says the woman spit at the plastic barrier separating her from the employees.

She then walked out. 

It was all captured on video by another customer.

Nguyen says co-workers have indicated this same woman has been in the store and spit at other workers on two previous occasions.

“I think it was completely disrespectful for her not to abide by our rules,” Nguyen said. “It did scare me because she just left and we never got a hold of her, so we don’t know where she is at this exact moment.”

San Jose police were contacted and responded to the incident, but the woman was gone by that time.