Warning: The video of the incident may be hard for some people to watch.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A woman was sent to the hospital in Oakland after she gets hit by a car in the middle of the afternoon earlier this week. The driver kept on going.

The victim is speaking out, and KRON4 spoke with her Saturday afternoon.

She doesn’t have any major physical injuries, but the victim says she’s having a hard time processing all of it and is still in shock.

It happened Thursday afternoon on the corner of 54th and Adeline Streets in Oakland — just blocks from the children’s hospital.

Surveillance video catches the moment Ciana Leehang was hit by a car while crossing the street.

Leehang was walking home from work. She was at an intersection with stop signs in all directions. After a car went through, she starts walking in the crosswalk.

That’s when the white truck hits her.

“I got hit, and I got like knocked back and the car kept going,” Leehand said. “It just kinda happened so fast that I didn’t even really process what happened.”

Leehang asked to have her face blurred for her safety.

In the video (view in the player above), you can her struggle to get back on her feet as a good samaritan jumps out of their car to help.

“Hey there! Are you alright?”

“These two women, they came and helped me and were asking me if I was okay,” Leehang said.

They called Oakland police as Leehang’s aunt, Dawn Burford, rushed to help her. They went to the hospital for a CT scan and other tests.

Doctors determined Leehang has a severe contusion on her lower back. Burford says she couldn’t believe her eyes when she watched the video.

“Seeing the video–it was shocking,” the victim’s aunt said. “The way she described it, it was horrendous but to actually see what happened on the video I was just flabbergasted. I’m surprised she is alive.”

Buford has no doubt the driver knows he hit something.

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“It was a really loud, loud thud. You think you would hear something and you would stop and he didn’t,” Buford said.

KRON4 asked what Leehang would say if she could speak to the driver.

“I would just hope that he makes better decisions and to really just be more cautious of how he’s driving and what he’s doing,” Leehang said. If you recongize the truck you’re asked to call the Oakland Police Department.