SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Bay Area was rocked by a large earthquake on Tuesday afternoon. The 5.1-magnitude quake was centered south of Mt. Hamilton in the hills east of San Jose in Seven Trees, a census-designated place.

Viewer video and photos captured the moment the quake struck and the aftermath of the tremblor, which was the largest to hit the region since 2014.

Credit: Medina Archer

Dramatic video sent by Twitter user Median Archer shows one man running into his home, grabbing a child and standing under a doorway. In the video, captured on the residents’ Ring camera, the man can be heard shouting to “Get under the doorway!”

earthquake frames damaged
Photo: Lenz Arts Materials and Framing

Photos posted on social media by the Lenz Arts Materials and Framing shop in Santa Cruz showed damaged glass frames. “We have some casualties!” read the social caption accompanying the pictures. “Broken clip frames that tumbled off the shelf.”