SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Videos of people illegally hopping on the hooks of San Francisco Muni trains and going for a ride are making the rounds on social media. 

In one video that’s going viral a man is seen casually surfing a speeding train and stunning people on board. 

Videos of a man illegally hitching a ride on a Muni train are turning heads and raising red flags about safety.

A second angle of the video shows the man wearing a backpack, seemingly carefree.

Eric McKeeby says he uses muni to get around the city everyday. 

He thinks people who do this should understand how dangerous it is and how badly an accident may hurt not only themselves but other riders.

“I think we’ll all be disrupted while some knucklehead is you know probably on live support somewhere,” McKeeby said.

This wasn’t the only time Muni surfing has been caught on camera.

Another video shows a man with a skateboard having fun and bopping along near 17th Street.

Muni rider Munnir Khiar says he’s not surprised to see it.

“I’m not shocked at all,” Khiar said.

Khiar thinks in some cases the Muni trains might be too full and some people could be desperate to get a ride.

“Muni should probably put in more trains so people don’t think they need to jump on the back,” he said.

A spokesperson for SFMTA, which oversees Muni, tells KRON4 news that train hopping is illegal and dangerous. 

The agency is right now exploring options to raise awareness to keep this from happening.

“You can’t regulate stupidity but I think that just a little common sense impart on all of us can go a long way,” the spokesperson said.

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