OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Thousands filled the streets of Oakland in protest for the death of George Floyd Friday night.

It started peaceful but things quickly escalated.

A Walgreens and Target that was destroyed overnight.

Crews were working Saturday to board up windows that were smashed.

A vehicle that was set on fire was burned down to nothing but it’s frame. 

In addition, the Mercedes Benz dealership was set on fire and a Chase Bank’s windows were also broken. 

Local businesses were also hit hard during the protest.

“We are happy our employees and guest are safe and we are doing are best to make sure they we are prepared for anything that happens tonight,” Morgan Plant, the vice president of a local business Mixt, said.

Some business owners, whose establishments were not vandalized, came out to help others who were.

“It’s a community, if you are going to be about the action, you gotta come out here and do it. This is another form of support, so for me it’s all about being about what I say I’m going to do,” an owner said.  

City Hall where this protest began in Oakland was also damaged. 

The cleanup continues and could take weeks, if not months. 

The protesters who spoke to KRON4 said they did not intend for this protest to be a violent one.

They said they just wanted to convey a message, that they are tired of seeing unarmed black men and women die at the hands of police.

The investigation continues into the officer that was killed.

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