REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KRON) — As part of an annual clean up to honor Earth Day, volunteers were scattered across Redwood City Saturday morning to pick up any debris or trash they could find.

Last year, they collected 3,100 gallons of trash during their weeklong cleanup event.

“This year, I’ve found more balls and masks than any other year, so it looks like people are starting to get out again.” said volunteer Mark Omalley who has been at the spring cleanup event for the last decade. “The majority of the garbage is cans, bottles, wrappers.”

On Saturday, Omalley noticed the area seemed cleaner than years past, but masks were still filling his trash bag.

The Pride and Beautification Committee has been hosting the event for about 30 years.

Committee Chairperson Diane Howard says while Redwood City has come a long way, trash still ends up in the area — wreaking havoc on the environment.

“Everything flows into our waterways, into our creeks and goes into the bay and that’s just a sad situation,” Howard said.

Most of the trash collected is thrown away, but some items are donated while others are returned to their owners. Omalley sees the value in the clean up efforts and hopes the event will continue each year.

“We have to educate our children, and we have to set a good example, so I think that’s something we need work on,” he said.

If you weren’t able to make it out this year, Redwood City hosts two annual cleanup events. The next one is in the fall.