Those who drive across Bay Area bridges will be paying more now that it appears voters have passed Measure 3.

The measure will raise tolls on most bridges in the Bay Area. The measure does not include the Golden Gate.

Tolls will go up by $1 in 2019, an additional dollar in 2022, and a third dollar in 2025 to generate $4.5 billion over 25 years.

The money will fund about three dozen transportation and public transit improvements throughout all regions of the Bay Area, each one designed to reduce traffic congestion.

The projects include extending BART to San Jose and Santa Clara, 300 additional BART cars, tripling ferry service currently on the bay, completing the expansion of Highway 101 along the Novato Narrows, improvements to the flood-prone Highway 37, and a variety of high way interchanges.

BART Board President Robert Raburn issued a statement thanking Bay Area voters for their “investment in public transit that supports keeping the region mobile.”

“The new revenue received from Regional Measure 3 will help us purchase new train cars to increase capacity and comfort for our passengers,” Raburn said.

State Senator Scott Wiener also thanked voters after the measure passed.

“We have so many transit needs and RM3 is a step toward them,” he said on Twitter. “Bay Area voters, as always, get it when it comes to funding transit.”