SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — VTA representatives have released a timeline they’re following to get back in operation.

The timelines show that trains could run with passengers sometime this fall.

Officials completed the first step on June 30, in which they determined alternative work sites for employees.

The main building at the yard is not structurally ready to be used.

Phase two is now underway.

VTA representatives are ensuring their team has the resources they need to make their way back to work.

Phases three and four involve infrastructure repairs and a trial run of service without passengers.

The timeline shows the trains running with people in phase five.

The last step will focus on a new transit service plan that was outlined in 2019.

These six phases need to be complete before trains are once again carrying passengers along the three light rail routes throughout Santa Clara County.

VTA representatives say they have reached out to employees to understand their needs in order to return to work after nine employees were shot and killed by a coworker.

They have also been working to provide services and consolations for their workers.

VTA representatives are not sure at this time whether they plan to remodel or demolish the buildings where the May 26 mass shooting took place.