WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) –  Walnut Creek police are investigating the city’s 3rd homicide of the year.

It happened early Sunday morning on SOS Drive near N. Main Street.

Four people were shot — one was pronounced dead on the scene.

Right now, they’re still trying to piece things together.

“This is still an active investigation so there is not a lot of information that I can share,” Acting Lieutenant Jeff Slater said.

Walnut Creek police are investigating what led up to the early morning shooting.

Officers say they’re not sure where the incident started. Acting Lieutenant Jeff Slater says they could use help in the investigation.

“If anyone watching this has any information to share regarding the incident we would appreciate a phone call,” Slater said.

Officers say the three people that were injured are expected to make a full recovery. None of their injuries are considered life-threatening, police said.

They say this is uncommon for Walnut Creek. This is the city’s third homicide of the year and it’s only July.

The city usually averages between 0 and 2 a year. 

Police say they don’t believe it was a targeted shooting and that this was determined to be an isolated incident.

There are no ongoing threats to the community.

Police say as they have more information, they will be making that available.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Coffin at 925-943-5844 x7656.