(KRON) — An ATM scam has been going around the Walnut Creek area, according to a Facebook post by the Walnut Creek Police Department (WCPD). Police have received reports of multiple couples approaching residents after watching them enter a pin number while in line at a store.

The couple would also watch victims as they are at an ATM. WCPD added the couple would “follow the victim and claim the victim dropped a bill of some value and while the victim is distracted, take their wallet or debit card.”

Once the debit card is stolen, the card would be used to make purchases or withdraw large amounts of cash from an ATM.

WCPD did not specify when and where in the area residents are more at risk of being victims of this kind of crime, the department said when asked in the comments section of the Facebook post.

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WCPD also warned residents of scammers who pose as police, asking for their personal information. The department suggests you contact the police department directly via its publicly listed dispatch number and confirm if they really sent you a message.

Last weekend, Walnut Creek police said a man robbed PNC Bank on California Boulevard and got away with an unknown amount of cash. No injuries were reported from the alleged robbery.