(KRON) — A Walnut Creek man was arrested on multiple rape charges, the Walnut Creek Police Department said Saturday in a Facebook post. Police said Brandon Delliquadri, 35, was arrested last month in connection to a number of sexual assaults over the past few years.

Now, WCPD is asking any additional victims of Delliquadri to come forward.

Police are looking for additional victims of rape suspect Brandon Delliquadri, 35, who was arrested on July 7 (Walnut Creek Police Department).

On July 7, Delliquadri was arrested on four felony counts of forcible rape and one felony count of rape of an unconscious victim, according to WCPD. He was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.

On July 11, the district attorney’s office filed charges against the 35-year-old.

His bail currently stands at $4,500,000, according to Contra Costa County Sheriff jail records. Delliquadri is set to appear in court on Aug. 24.

WCPD says if you or someone you know has information about one of these cases or has experienced any form of sexual assault, contact the department at 925-943-5844 or call the anonymous tip line at 925-943-5865.