WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) — Walnut Creek is closing off car access in a major shopping area after 80 people stole from a Nordstrom store over the weekend.

Barricades and police are posted at Broadway Plaza.

Mayor Kevin Wilk says he’s not letting cars go up and down this street through the holidays. Broadway Plaza is located in downtown Walnut Creek and it’s a strip full of stores, including the Nordstrom.

As many as ten stores began closing earlier after the shocking Saturday heist. Employees say it was for the safety of customers and themselves.

Police say about 25 cars drove up to the Nordstrom and ransacked the high-end retailer before jumping back into the cars and fleeing.

The thieves ran off with up to $200,000 in merchandise, police said. They also hurt three people in the store. Three suspects have been arrested at this time, but dozens ran away.

Officials are reviewing video and trying to find the people responsible.

“This is an all regional problem. This is not an isolated city incident. We’re seeing these kind of brazen robberies throughout the region and so working with fellow mayors to make sure that we are doing all we can throughout all the different cities and encouraging and insisting that the DA’s office charge and prosecute every one of these criminals to the fullest extent of the law,” said Mayor Wilk. “We cannot let them out. We cannot let people think they can get away with this in Walnut Creek or anywhere in the Bay Area.”

The ramped up law enforcement and barriers come three days ahead of Black Friday – a holiday already known for misbehaving customers and chaos.

If you’re planning to shop in the area, be sure to call ahead for new closing hours and to get an idea of the limited access.