SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — YouTuber Dawson Gurley (AKA BigDawsTV) posted on social media that he has been banned from the Chase Center after he got into Game 5 of the NBA Finals by impersonating Klay Thomspon. The Warriors confirmed to KRON4 that they did ban someone from their facilities, but did not mention Gurley by name.

“An individual falsely impersonated a Warriors player in a deliberate attempt to access unauthorized areas within Chase Center,” the Warriors said in an email to KRON4. “These actions have resulted in a lifetime ban from both Chase Center and Kaiser Permanente Arena.”

Gurley said on Twitter that he walked past several security guards, who allowed him to enter without providing ID. He said he spent 10 minutes shooting around on the court.

He posted a picture of a letter sent to him by the Warriors explaining the ban. In the letter, the Warriors said he “deliberately deceived Chase Center building personnel by impersonating a GSW employee.” They also said he committed criminal trespass and they reserve the right to press criminal charges against him.

“Was it worth it to lose 10K on tickets and be banned for life? Absolutely. I was an NBA player for 10 minutes bro,” Gurley tweeted.

Gurley has a history of impersonating Thompson. In 2017, he posted a YouTube video that showed himself taking pictures with fans who thought he was the Warriors star and attending a game in full Warriors uniform.

KRON4 reached out to Gurley, but he tweeted that he did not want to do interviews. He said he will post a video on the matter later on Tuesday.