SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Kevin Durant is officially out for the rest of the Western Conference Semifinals, but the good news is his injury seems to be less severe than originally thought. Durant suffered a mild strain on his right calf.

But some fans are now even more nervous as the Warriors get ready for game six against the Rockets tomorrow.

When Durant grabbed at his calf and started limping with two minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, Warrior fans got a sinking feeling.

“My first thought was ‘does he have an achilles tear?’ Fortunately the MRI shows it wasn’t an achilles tear,” said orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Murali Moorthy.

Orthopedist Dr. Moorthy, who specializes in foot and ankle sports medicine surgery, says ruling out the achilles tear is great news because that would have required surgery and put durant out for at least nine months.

“With a calf strain or a calf tear, that’s good news because generally it doesn’t require surgery,” the doctor said.

But Moorthy says that doesn’t guarantee Durant will be able return in time for the finals should the warriors prove victorious against the rockets.

He says it all depends on how severe is right calf was strained.

“With a mild strain you are looking at one to two weeks, with a moderate strain you are looking at four to six weeks, with a severe strain you are looking at two to three months,” Moorthy said.

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