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Warriors legend Chris Mullin using platform to help fans through pandemic


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Our country is in the midst of a global pandemic, and it has affected pretty much everyone but during these trying times, we’ve heard countless stories of people stepping up to help. 

One of those people using their platform to help is Warriors legend and NBA hall of famer, Chris Mullin. 

Chris Mullin has decided to use his platform to help people get through this pandemic through an app called VIDSIG that allows people to video chat with celebrities, Mullin has pledged to connect with his fans who are dealing with effects of COVID-19.

“Trying to ya know, get a little distraction from the daily monotony of quarantining and things like that. It’s really important for us to connect. Sports has always been a way to escape our daily lives and that has been taken away also at this time,” Mullin said. 

To connect, just head over to for instructions. 

Mullin is especially hoping to connect with frontline essential employees or “heroes” as he calls them.

“People who have been helping us on a daily basis, you know have been born and raised in New York City, it’s a big epicenter of this pandemic, a lot of family and friends back there. A lot of doctors, nurses, firefighters, there who are good friends of mine. Just being able to connect and chat and take a few minute break of what is going on and get away from what is going on in the world right now,” Mullin said. 

Mullin realizes the effect has on his fans, but what they may not realize is that he cherishes those moments just as much.

“It’s always amazing the questions I get or maybe they saw me play because it brings me back as well. And I tell you when you talk to people and it comes from a pure place, you end up learning something too. Maybe it brings back a memory and that memory sparks something, whatever that memory was,” Mullin said. 

For more information on how you can connect with Mullin, visit

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