SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The Golden State Warriors released two social media public service announcements to speak about the importance of jury service for the Be the Jury program.

As KRON4 reported earlier this month, Be the Jury compensates low-to-moderate income jurors $100 per day for their service in criminal trials. Jurors who make less than 80% of the median income for the area ($74,600 for single people, $106,550 for a household of four) are eligible if their employer does not compensate for jury service, if they are self-employed or if they are unemployed.

The PSAs from Coach Steve Kerr and Kevon Looney are posted on Twitter and Instagram @DubsCommunity.

“I am thrilled that the Warriors are engaging in community education about this first-of-its kind pilot program,” Public Defender Mano Raju stated in a news release. “It makes a big difference to have such highly regarded leaders like Coach Kerr and Kevon Looney speak about the importance of justice and equity in the courtroom. Our hope is that this program will enable more San Franciscans to participate in jury duty—one of our most powerful civic opportunities.”

The program is in a pilot phase and is being funded by philanthropists.

“I am grateful to the Warriors for speaking up on this critical issue. Justice demands that our juries reflect the diverse backgrounds of the victims, witnesses, and accused persons whose lives are impacted by their decisions,” District Attorney Chesa Boudin stated. “We must continue to find ways to promote and enable jury service for all San Franciscans, so that our juries reflect our diverse communities and are able to administer justice for all San Franciscans.”