New video on Tuesday night shows a large mountain lion walking in a neighborhood on the Peninsula.

KRON4 spoke to the person whose home surveillance camera recorded the big cat on video.

The big cat was discovered walking in front of a home on 37th Avenue in San Mateo. 

The mountain lion is seen just casually walking by a neighbor’s home.

Andy Gomez says it was in the morning when he checked his surveillance camera on a whim. And right in front of him was the big cat.

He says this is not the first time he has laid eyes on such an animal in his neighborhood. And now, he wants others to beware. 

Gomez says he has contacted the San Mateo Police Department.

As you heard, he contacted KRON4 because he wants to get his story out there so that people don’t get hurt.

He thinks the cat was about 3 feet tall and at least 6 feet long.