MILLBRAE, Calif. (KRON) – For the second time this week — a mountain lion sighting reported in Millbrae.

This time the big cat was caught on camera.

“You see the mountain lion right there? That’s where you can really see how big it is. You see how it’s next to my car? And, it comes up to like the door handles. So, that’s — I mean. If it comes up to the door handles, then, there’s a car there, it’s a pretty big cat,” Frank Wong said. 

Frank Wong believes it’s the third time he has captured this same mountain lion on video this year.

The first time in March, then April, and most recently on Wednesday.

When the surveillance cameras installed outside his home on Aura Vista in Millbrae recorded the cougar just before 4 a.m. that morning.

“He keeps coming over here. He likes my house,” Wong said. 

Wong and his neighbor Kathy Guerin believe the big cat is coming from the canyon below their homes.

Guerin has never come across the mountain lion, but thinks it visited her property Wednesday.

She says her motion sensor lights went off at around the same time the cougar was spotted on camera.

“As long as my cat is inside, I’m okay,” Guerin said. 

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is aware of the sighting. Another was reported Monday night on Sequoia Avenue.

Last week, a cougar broke into a San Bruno home that had large game taxidermy trophy heads on the walls but the homeowner scared it off.

“I think the drought, and probably the combination of the fires has probably pushed these animals. You know, they have to find food, you know. So, I think their habitat has probably been stressed. And, that’s why we’re seeing more of them out here,” Wong said.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife agrees with Wong’s theory, adding that half the state is considered mountain lion territory.

They are mostly looking for deer, not humans.

If you come across one, respect the animal and give it space.