LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) – An off-duty police officer helped a mother in Livermore with her baby who appeared to be choking last weekend.

Now that officer is looking to get in touch with the mom to find out how the baby is doing.

The officer says he was on his way home from the movie theater with his family when they came across a woman on the side of the road.

“She appeared to be crying hysterically. She was holding her baby kind of against her shoulder, so I stopped the car, I jumped out, and I went over to her,” said San Pablo police officer Gilbert Troche.

Officer Gilbert Troche says the woman handed her baby over to him, and he noticed the baby’s cheeks were getting blue.

He did some back thrusts while he instructed the mom to do a finger sweep to attempt to clear the airway.

He then instructed his family to call 911.

After two to three minutes, the baby coughed, threw up, and began to cry.

“I definitely don’t feel like a hero. I think anybody in that situation that had seen her there as distraught as she was would have probably tried to do the same thing,” Troche said.