SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco police are looking for the suspects seen in surveillance video obtained by KRON4. Suspects burglarized a home near Bay and Divisadero streets in the Marina District early Tuesday morning and returned several times to steal more items.

“The audacity for them to come back three times is really scary,” said Amanda Benedict.

Amanda and Marvin Benedict are searching for a new car after the two thieves seen in this surveillance video drove off with their Subaru on Tuesday.

“At 2:30 initially, at that time, they had taken some tools. An hour later at 3:30 they took Marvin’s golf clubs, more tools and also gone through the garage and car at that time and found our garage door opener and spare key,” Amanda said.

In the surveillance video, two men enter through a side door that was left open by a tenant in the building.

At first, the suspects left with a tripod light but later came back for more. They returned for a third time using the stolen garage door opener to steal Benedict’s car.

“Each point they stared at each camera and just kept chugging along,” Marvin said. “The fact that they didn’t have masks on the first time or anything like that didn’t stop them from wearing the same clothes and coming back.”

They say SFPD recovered the stolen car on Thursday. However, it wasn’t how they left it.

“The first thing I saw was hypodermic needles and so there was that,” Marvin said. “There were a lot of bags of candy, like Halloween candy and needles in that bag too, and then there was a bunch of tie-off bands in the front. I can’t even imagine what fluids are in there, but it smelled really bad and they had taken a bunch of the panels off the car, along the floorboards.”

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The Benedicts shared their story on Nextdoor and quickly learned many of their neighbors had similar stories. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Benedicts have been burglarized either.

“It’s really hard when you do work so hard for things and then bad things happen and oftentimes there are no consequences and so it continues to happen over and over again,” Amanda said. “This is actually the third time in the last two-and-a-half years.”