SAN JOSE (KRON) – The rare and endangered Titan Arum, the so-called “corpse flower,” is blooming and will be for the next 24-46 hours, according to a press release from San Jose State University.

It is expected to be in peak bloom mid-morning Wednesday, and a livestream video can be seen here.

Why is it called the corpse flower? “The plant emits a smell similar to a decomposing body to attract beetles and flies that pollinate it,” Greenhouse Manager Lars Rosengreen stated in the news release.

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This particular eight-year-old corpse flower, Terry Titan, will be dried into a large plant press and preserved as a teaching tool once the bloom fades.

This is the first corpse flower to ever bloom in San Jose.

There are only about 1,000 of the very rare plants in the entire world.