UNION CITY (KRON) — For some, Tuesday’s town hall was a first.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Hayward) discussed official impeachment inquiry into Pres. Donald Trump’s actions.

The town hall at the James Logan High School gymnasium comes days after the whistleblower complaint from inside the administration about Trump’s interaction with Ukraine.

The crowd asked questions about Michael Cohen to Corey Lewandowski and what the hope is to accomplish in the impeachment.

Swalwell had a guest — John Dean, the former Watergate prosecution witness and White House Counsel for Pres. Richard Nixon.

“I just told the congressman that I think that this president is making Richard Nixon look like a choir boy,” Dean said. 

He calls living proof – who can take down the president in a model act.

We spoke to them before the meeting.

“I went through literally hundreds of hours of tapes I–  heard Nixon in all kinds of circumstances. I saw the dark side of him,” Dean said.  “I saw some people in the office brought out that dark side. But the darkest Richard Nixon I can see in the Rose Garden in Donald Trump in the way he handles situations.”

Swawell, a Democrat, says he’s been investigating Trump for more than two years and believes he can convince more Republicans to support the impeachment process.

“I think it’s the simplicity of the act here and that we have a confession from the President. He’s pleaded guilty and I think in many ways, the biggest question for the country will be what is the sentence,” Swalwell said.